There are close to 200 dog breeds across the globe. However, not every breed of canines have the same lifespan or susceptibility to various diseases. Some breeds are considered to be seniors by the age of 5, such as Great Dane. One the other hand, breeds like Chihuahua have many times reached the age of about 20 years. However, the breed of your dog cannot alone decide how healthy and how long your dog will live. Any canine can develop any health condition at any point of time in their life span, sometimes even leading to death.

With proper care, both medical and emotional, a pet parent can avoid various adverse health conditions in their canine friends. Though, as orphic life is, there is no guarantee to the health and longevity of a certain breed, there are certain breeds of dogs that are considered to have been gifted sound health than most other breeds.

Which dog has better health in general?


Beagles are synonymous with excellent smelling power. Their typical characteristics are short height, medium size, and long years. Mostly in three colors of black, white, and brown, their coat is short and smooth. Their average life span is about 15 years. They are more prone to old-age problems like progressive retinal atrophy.

Siberian Husky

The Siberian Husky dog breed is a strong dog, who is also very friendly and adorable. They are considered to be one of the healthiest breeds of canines. On an average, a Siberian Husky will for about 12 to 13 years. They have double coat of fur and thus are better equipped by nature for colder areas.

Australian Cattle Dogs

This friendly yet responsible dog breed is known for its immense energy levels. Though they love remaining outdoors and facing challenges, they make loving family dogs. The average life expectancy of Australian Cattle Dogs is 13-14 years.


Though generally considered to be overall healthy and sturdy, unethically bred Chihuahuas may result in lot of health issues in them. A properly bred Chihuahua comes true to its unique characteristics of small size, loving nature, and good general health. Chihuahuas can even live up to 20 years, if taken proper care and dietary habits. I have more to say up here.[[3]][xyz]