Though uncommon, dogs too can catch cold and cough, just like us. If your furry friend is coughing and sneezing, it is important to visit a vet to get some serious illnesses ruled out. For simple cough and cold, you may try the following home remedies for your dogs:

Hot Steam/ Humidifier

There would hardly be anyone who hasn’t treated their cold or cough with steam. Steam is helpful in opening up the nasal and bronchial passage in dogs as well as in humans. You can turn on the hot water in the shower for 5 minutes and sit with your dog in the bathroom for some time. You may also keep your rooms humid with a humidifier.


Honey has always been used as an effective cold and cough remedy in households. Honey has benefits to treat these symptoms in dogs too. However, its sugar content does not make it fit for dogs with diabetes or weight problems. A spoonful of honey can be given to a dog in its meal or otherwise to help in its cough and cold.

Lots of Fluids and Rest

Offer your dog lots of fluid and bland chicken broth. A well hydrated dog will get better sooner. Also, lots of rest will also help them better. You can arrange for them a comfortable warm place to rest.

Essential Oils

After understanding from a vet how essential oils can be used to treat cold symptoms in dogs, you may begin an aromatherapy for their cold. The most commonly used essential oils for the treatment of cough and cold in dogs are Lavender (soothes), peppermint (helps in congestion), and eucalyptus (antiseptic properties).

Various medicines that vets may prescribe, in addition to these home remedies, can help in relieving the symptoms of cold and cough in dogs. Also, healthy food and quality time with pet parents can help them feel better. Vets also suggest that cough and cold helps in strengthening the immune system of the body and that it is better for these symptoms to go on their own. However, you must visit a vet if you feel the symptoms in your dog are getting worse or are not getting any better even after medication.