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Online Consultation Plans

One Time Plan

Normally ₹299.00


Perfect For Second Opinion
  • Start online vet consultation within 4-6 hours
  • Chat/Telephone Consultancy
  • Pet Behaviour and Health consultation

Extra Care Plan

Normally ₹349.00


Best for pet skin issues, vomiting, diahhrea and other health issues.
  • Validity – FREE 2 follow ups within next 4 days
  • Start online consultation within 30 mins
  • Chat/Telephone Consultancy

Super Care Plan

Normally ₹999.00


Best for new puppy guidance, pet skin, injury and other health issues that need regular veterinary care.
  • Validity – FREE 6 follow ups within next 28 days
  • Start online consultation within 30 mins
  • Chat/Telephone Consultancy

Ask a free Question

Normally ₹99.00


Ask our online vet doctors one question for free!!
  • Limited to once per user
  • Get response in your e-mail inbox
  • Doctor responds in next 24 hours

How Does it Work?

Step 1

Ask your Question to Vets Online.

Ask your queries related to health, injury, diet and behaviour of your pet to vets online. 

Step 2

Pay the consultation fee.

Choose a consultation plan and pay the fee before the consultation starts with online vet.

Step 3

Chat with online veterinary doctor on WhatsApp.

After the payment of consultation fee a vet will start consultation on WhatsApp.

Customer Reviews

Rohit Khanna

I had a great experience with 42d.f0e.myftpupload.com. Vet has called me within 15 mins of paying the consultaiton fee and the explanation for my pet problem was detailed and to the point. I had 2 follow-ups with them and they were prompt enough to respond. My pet is not healthy and totally healed. Kudos to Drwaggers team for their prompt and professional service.

Rashmi Vinayak

Being a working woman keeps me busy and get to meet my beloved cat at night only. One day when i noticed skin issue with her, i avoided the issue assuming that the issue will heal by itself, but unfortunately it got worse. I didnt want to take a leave to visit a vet nor wait any further. I googled and found Drwaggers. Drwaggers team of vets has been a blessing, at the comfort of home without any appointment, i got connected to a vet in 10 mins and got the medications prescirbed for my kitty. Thanks Drwaggers for all the help and support.

Shruti Singh

I found Drwaggers from google when there were no clinics open due to lockdown. My dog who is aged was facing trouble walking due to chronic issue of hip dysplacia and i didnt know what to do. I wanted some expert vet help and i tried connecting Drwaggers on whatsapp. Drwaggers verified vet helped understand the best way to relieve pain of my dog by massaging methods and some pain relieving medications which helped. I really appreciate Drwaggers to be a way for pet parents to take consultaiton during lockdown.

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the sevice works? 

How much will an online vet consultation cost?Drwaggers offers three different consultation plans to fit your different needs.

• Pay only INR 199 for a One-time online vet consultation that will begin maximum within 4 hours of payment.

• Pay only INR 249 for online vet consultation that will begin maximum in 30 minutes of payment. You get free two follow ups in next 4 days.

• Pay only INR 599 for 6 online vet consultations in one month.

How Do I start a consultation with the vet online?Click on the ‘Consult Now’ button, which will take you to a chat window with Drwaggers. A representative will help you through the process instantly. Soon our online vet will connect with you.

Is online vet consultation safe and reliable?All our vets are qualified and verified veterinary professionals with years of relevant experience. It is completely reliable and safe not only for your pets’ health but also your money.

What time will the vets be available?Our vets are available from 9:30 am to 10:30 pm on all days, except certain holidays.

Will the vet call or chat?With the help of the images and videos of your pets that you send us, our vet online will be able to diagnose the problem and render treatment. We do not offer video calls because of lack of clarity, internet issues, and potential misuse.

How can I contact the veterinary doctor for follow up questions?For ease and comfort, we offer you a single-window chat platform for all your queries. In case you want to ask a follow-up question from a vet online, you can leave a whatsapp message and the vet will revert soon, as per availability at that moment.

How can I send my feedback for the service?You can write to us at care@42d.f0e.myftpupload.com to give your feedback, testimonials, or any suggestions.

My cat ate a piece of foam or something 3 days back and is now vomiting. What should I do?If your cat has eaten something not edible, foam as mentioned, and is vomiting multiple times since then, it is possible that a part of it is still inside her system. Sometimes cats tend to eat indiscriminately, without giving it much thought what could be eaten. You can try to induce vomiting by offering bland food repeatedly over time. If the condition does not get better, some tests and medicines will be needed.

My dog has a bad diarrhea since a few days. Please suggestDiarrhea occurs commonly in dogs and the reason varies. You must recall what all your dog ate prior to this condition. There are certain medicines that can be prescribed for stopping the loose motions in dogs.

My dog pees inside the home many times? How do I stop it?Dogs are sensitive creatures and react differently to different situations. You must use positive reinforcement method of training to help them develop certain habits related to peeing or pooping in the home.

My dog is scratching and losing fur. The skin is turning black too.Dogs have the problem of itching due to several reasons including ticks, fleas, and other parasites. If the itching is causing any wounds as well, you can apply betadine lotion twice a day. Don’t let him lick that area. Certain medications need to be prescribed to treat this condition.

How much does an online vet cost?Online vet consult pet parents basis the vet consultation plan chosen by the pet parent. There are 3 plans :

1) One Time Consultation: Rs 199/-

2) Extra Care Plan: Rs 249/-

3) Super Care Plan: Rs 599/-

Online vet starts consultation post the payment of consultation fees.

Can Online vets prescribe?42d.f0e.myftpupload.com verify veterinary certifications for practicing animal medicine. Vets online prescribe medicine basis the symptoms mentioned by the pet parent. Since animals cant convey their symptoms, the vet’s prescription will totally depend on symptoms communicated by pet parents.

Our Expert Vets

Dr Soniya Gupta

M.V.Sc, B.V.Sc & AH

6+ yrs of experience


As a veterinary professional and a mother, it is hard for me to decide what brings me more joy , my son looking up to me in a noble profession or the pet parents who I consult. Nevertheless, I would prefer this question to be unanswered.

Dr Vikas Mahajan

M.V.Sc, B.V.Sc

3+ yrs of experience


I am a veterinary doctor by profession and a passionate animal lover. My passion for animals, the voiceless beings, continues to become stronger everyday. I envision a strong veterinary infrastructure in India that aids in animal health and welfare. Online vet consultation with Drwaggers.com brings me closer to my goals.

About Us

Drwaggers brings to all the pet parents and animal lovers a unique online vet consultation platform to find answers to their concerns related to their pets’ health, diet, and behavior. Our veterinary doctors online are striving every day to offer you high-quality, easy, and affordable veterinary consultation services. We understand your love for your pets, who are much more than family members to you. At the same time, we know your helplessness when you just can’t help your pet and have to see them suffer. Our own experience of parenting a pet, losing him, lack of veterinary services, and being clueless, everything combined for us at one time. It was disheartening to see lack of proper facilities and veterinary doctors in many remote places. Thus began the journey and the commitment of drwaggers to help pet parents and stray rescuers in gaining better knowledge and expert guidance.


In few simple steps, drwaggers allows you to connect with a online veterinary doctor who works dedicatedly to answer your queries. If you need a second opinion on your pet’s current treatment, a remedy to a new infection, or even a specialized diet recommendation, our expert online vets will guide you. We know how valuable your time and money are, Drwaggers offers all these opportunities at much affordable prices from your home’s comfort.

With an adequate amount of knowledge about your pet’s health and behavior, possible reasons, and quick remedies, a pet parent can feel a sense of confidence and empowerment. Our beloved furry pets are too sensitive and unfortunately, have limited means to communicate their pain or discomfort. Moreover, humans also often fail to understand their signs. Not every little symptom would need a visit to a vet or a consultation from a veterinary doctor online. That is why we have made and shared a knowledge bank on your pet’s symptoms, diseases, behavior, remedies, and tips. These articles have been written and/or approved by our trusted vets to allow you to become your pet’s advocate. We hope our experience and pledge towards making pet parenting easy can make a difference, a pawsitive difference!




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