Shih Tzus puppy and dogs are genuinely known to be good buddy dogs. Trained for a considerable length to be man’s closest companion, it comes to no surprise that Shih Tzu puppy are among the most well known small breeds. 

You can get pretty much any sort of a hound, including Shih Tzu doggies, from dog lodges and salvages.

Do you have plans to get a Shih Tzu little puppy home? Then you must know the following about them.

1. Their Name Isn’t Pronounced Like A Swear Word 

Despite the fact that this has nothing to do with the breed’s sweet personality or their amazing faithfulness, we know one thing for sure that your tiny little shaggy companion would definitely want you to articulate their breed name accurately. 

Pronounced as Sheed Zoo, this is referred to as ‘Lion’ in Chinese. 

Shih Tzu are believed to exist from the fourteenth century, they are said to serve as a buddy and lapdog to aristocrats in China. So they’re dreadfully noble to accept hateful words.

2. Growth of the two layered coats

Shih Tzu have an extravagant twofold coat that comprises of a rugged upper coat and a delicate internal coat. Your Shih Tzu pup will have one delicate, feasible coat until they reach the age of seven months, after which the subsequent coat will start developing. 

Brushing them up won’t be troublesome in the initial stage, however get ready for routine brushing once your Shih Tzu doggy grows up.

3. They love to be Anywhere, when they’re Home 

Shih Tzu young doggies are entirely versatile with regards to living spaces. Regardless of whether you live in a small studio condo or away from the hustle and bustle of city, this puppy will cherish your home, if they have your company. 

Shih Tzu puppy were trained explicitly for friendship. They are nothing worth mentioning for chasing or grouping, but they are incredible at adoring their owner and his family. 

It is necessary to initially give your Shih Tzu doggy lots of love and care that evolves into a solid delightful relationship later.

4. They are Generous with Outsiders  

Shih Tzu young doggies are effectively one of the most well behaved puppies. They enjoy having fun with their companions like individuals, kids, different pooches and cats. 

By any chance if you have a bigger creature in the house or mischiveous children, make sure to keep an eye on them while they play with your Shih Tzu.

In about eight weeks time, Shih Tzu can weigh around two to three pounds. Therefore, they are considered to be quite soft and gentle.

Luckily, Shih Tzu little dogs develop rapidly and can reach to their maximum size of ten to sixteen pounds in seven months time.

5. Cute Face can Cause Breathing problems

Shih Tzus have a charming face. Their face shape can make anyone fall into the adorable mode where humans keep praising them for their cuteness, however it can likewise prompt a few issues in the long run for your pup. 

Like any other breed Shih Tzus snore and wheeze while resting. However, problems as severe as stroke can happen because they have relatively broad short skull. 

Make sure you don’t indulge in giving your Shih Tzu’s excessive sun-bathing during blistering summer and get yourself ear plugs so that you don’t face difficulty in your ears while your Shih Tzu snores. 

Do you want to adopt a Shih Tzu? What else do you think people should know about Shih Tzus before adoption?  We would love to hear from you in the remarks below.