"It is just natural for them to clean their systems by eating grass." This has been often told to us whenever we asked why do dogs eat grass. But is it really true that their unmet dietary or nutritional, or a self-cleansing mechanism make them eat green grass? Several studies suggest that less than a quarter of dogs who eat grass throw it back out afterwards. So, the reason they eat grass still remains a mystery and looms large in our minds, doesn't it? Read on to understand what possibly makes dog eat grass and how can we stop them.

Reasons dogs prefer grass

There is no definite answer to this mind-baffling question, but only possibilities. One or more of the following reasons could add up to your furry friend's preference for eating grass.

Some entertainment on a boring day

We get busy with our routine and may sometimes forget about our pets. Ofcourse they have their own sweet ways to get our attention and involve us in a little play time. But sometimes our pets do get bored and cannot think of much to do. Munching on grass can possibly start on one such mundane day with nothing to do and later develop as a habit in dogs. Probably you can note a direct link between their grass eating habits with their play or exercise time.

Possible solution:

You may plan some daily activities with your pets to slowly distract them off of this habit. It would be a wonderful idea to take your dog for a long walk, dog-friendly parks, social visit with other dog friends. Most importantly, make this a persistent routine for your dog. We all know how ardently they love 'routines.'

A different taste from the regular

With the smelling power of these canines, who happen to love food, it is almost impossible to stop them from licking the floor clean after the dinner is over. Their sense of smell and taste leads them grass too. They probably the fiber content of the grass and begin gobbling up as much as they can. It is also possible that they simply like the taste and the velvety texture of those fresh tiny leaves.

Possible solution:

You may try offering your dogs foods rich in fiber while making sure a wide variety of tastes. You can try out different foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. You may read more on that here https://drwaggers.com/home-food-for-dogs/ . You may also visit a vet to decide on a diet plan for your dog.

Self-curing act

The most common theory for why do dogs eat grass is this. It is believed that they understand their symptoms and are naturally programmed to ingest grass. The unchewed blades of grass tickle the inside of their stomach to induce vomitting, also expelling toxins, worms, excessive gas, etc.

Possible solution:

You should consult your vet as soon as you see symptoms of stomach and gastrointestinal troubles. You can watch out for bloating, loose stools, vomiting, etc.

Is eating grass dangerous?

Relax, most vets do not consider this act as dangerous. Puppies, dogs, and many other pets are evolving and are very curious about their surroundings. However, if you have a puppy who is teething and suddenly starts showing this habit of eating grass from the lawns, it is better to get him checked for possible underlying causes.

Its best to avoid taking your grass-eater dogs to public parks where you dont know what kind of fertilizers or pesticides may be sprinkled on the grass. If you have a backyard with a lawn, you can always bring natural fertilizers that do not have any harmful chemicals. Another prevention may be to grow small herbs or plants that your dogs can munch on to, sparing the grass.

Dogs and other pets are not only our friends for life, they also have immense potential to keep us and themselves entertained. Reply with your favorite funny pet instances and funny moments in the comments section.