Most of the times when we share our food with our dogs, it is out of compassion and pure love for them but little do we know that the food we share to our dogs can be life threatening to them.

All human food is not good for dogs and some can be toxic for our dogs too.

Find below the list of all the home food which should not be given to dogs:

Can dog eat?Answer
can dog eat grapesNo
can dog eat avocadoConsult with vet
can dogs eat cheeseConsult with vet
can dog eat peanutsNo
can dog eat almondsNo
can dog eat mushroombest to avoid
can dogs eat onionsNo
can dogs eat cherriesBest to avoid
can dog eat chocolateNo
can dog eat garlicNo
can dog eat tunaNo
can dog eat spinachNo
can dog eat ice creamNo
can dog eat nutsNo
can dog eat porkMay Be

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