Can dogs eat Tuna Fish? No, Tuna Fish is not good for your dogs. While dogs can eat fishes and digest them well but Tuna Fish should be avoided. Fishes like salmon, whitefish, herring, flounder, and Arctic char can be given to dogs.

What Substance is Bad in Tuna Fish? 

Tuna fish is a fresh saltwater fish and has a longer live span vs other fish. Due to contamination of lakes, rivers and oceans by industrial waste dumping in oceans, there is high mercury content in water and as a result, high mercury levels are found in fish tissue too Longer the fish lives, higher the mercury level in it. Thus, Tuna Fish is toxic for dogs and cats in the long run.

Symptoms After Mercury Poisoning (Tune Fish):

Following are the symptoms to look out for after your dog eats tuna fish:

  1. Loss of Hair
  2. Anxiety or Nervousness
  3. Vision Impairment
  4. Kidney Damage
  5. Loss of Motor Skills
  6. Loss of feeling in paws
  7. Tremors
  8. Vomiting blood
  9. Watery or bloody stool

How much Tuna is Bad for Dogs?

You should not worry if a Tuna fish is eaten by your dog once in a while but in the long run the impact of Tuna Fish on your dog is life threatening.

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