"Can Dogs Eat Pork?" said every meat lover while deciding on their dog's diet. Pork is neither good nor bad for dogs. Pork is rich in protein and fat which makes it healthy if given properly prepared and in small amounts. It is this high-fat content that can also make it difficult for dogs to digest easily.

How is Pork Good for Dogs?

Pork has 81% protein while rest is fat. It is also a good source of following vitamins and nutrients:

  1. Vitamin C: It is an anti-oxidant that also helps reduce inflammation in body and strengthen the immune system.
  2. Vitamin B12: Helps improve nervous system and brain functions

Pork also has niacin, phosphorus, iron, selenium and zinc.

How is Pork Bad for Dogs?

Like any other non-vegetarian food, Pork can be bad for your dogs in multiple ways:

  1. Its high fat content may be difficult to digest by dogs.
  2. If served raw or under-cooked to a dog, pork might lead to parasite infection known as trichinosis. Symptoms of trichinosis include:
  3. Pork, when cooked in BBQ sauces or extra seasonings, can be toxic for dogs.

How much Pork Can Be Served to Dogs?

Pork should be served well cooked and without any seasonings. It should be given in a small amount only because white meat is difficult to digest due to its high-fat content. You may try to substitute pork with other safe food in your dog diet since there are many other safe options available.

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