Though the flesh of the cherry fruit is safe to eat for dogs, you must refrain from giving it to your pets. The pit and the stem of cherry contain Cyanide, a highly poisonous chemical, and must not be ingested by your dogs. Giving your dogs pitted cherries is not worth all the risk, after all.

Symptoms after eating poisonous cherries:

If your dog has consumed two-three cherries in all, he may show mild symptoms including an upset stomach. A smaller dog breed is more likely to show such effects than a larger breed. However, you still should look for some signs of blockage of the intestines, which include vomiting, lower appetite, and constipation. In case your pet has consumed about a handful of cherries, you need to watch them for possible signs of poisoning by cyanide. The signs include red gums, dilation of pupils, and/or breathing trouble. It is important that if you can identify these signs associated with a recent instance of your dog eating cherries, take him to the vet without delaying any longer.

What are other healthy alternatives to cherries? 

You can offer your pets crunchy apples after removing the core. It is a treat that very few dogs have not liked. Blueberries as well as seedless mangoes also make good, healthy alternatives to cherries. However, because of high sugar content in mangoes, you must also keep a check on the amount of mangoes you are offering to your dogs.

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