while eating those little juicy berries, you must have thought 'can dogs eat blueberries?' Well, the answer is yes, blueberries are safe for your dog to eat. In fact, blueberries are rich in certain vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Generally, puppies show more inclination towards blueberries.

How should you give blueberry to dogs?

Never give canned blueberry to the dogs since they carry preservatives and artificial sweeteners which can cause upset stomach in your dog. It is best to give fresh (and thoroughly cleaned), or may be frozen blueberries to dogs as treats. Another good part with blueberries is that they are already small and there is no need to first cut them up before offering them to your dogs. However, you must be cautious because blueberries also carry the risk of choking.

How are blueberries good for dogs? 

With low calories and abundance of nutrition, blueberries make an excellent nourishing snack for your dog. The major nutrients found in blueberries are:

  1.  Vitamin C: Aids the immune system and is a great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
  2. Phytochemicals: These are natural chemicals found in certain plants; phytochemicals have shown immense benefits in fighting off cancer from bodies
  3. Fiber: Fiber helps in better digestion in dogs.
  4. Anti-oxidants: These are necessary to stop free radical and molecular growth in the bodies.

How much blueberries can be given to dogs?

Blueberry, though good for our dogs, needs to be given in a limited amount, like a snack or a filler between meals. Also, make sure that the snacks form not more than 10% of your dog's diet in a day. Dogs and human bodies work differently and hence, their nutrition differs too.

Fact: As a thumb rule by experts, 10% of calorie in dogs should come from treats or snacks and fruit/vegetables should not contribute more than 20% of dog calorie count.

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