The Lancashire Heeler was once used to drive livestock to market and hunt rats and rabbits at home, but is now a popular companion dog breed in their native Britain. They resemble their Corgi cousins, and can be intelligent, mischievous, or stubborn. See below for full list of Lancashire Heeler characteristics!Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Pictures Lancashire Heeler Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts - DogtimeInitiate Gallery Additional articles you will be interested in:AdoptionChoosing The Best Dog NameBringing Home Your DogTraining To Walk On-LeashHousetraining PuppiesFeeding A PuppyIndoor Activities For DogsTeaching Your Dog TricksHow To Take Pictures Of Your Dog

Watch and learn about Lancashire Heeler dog's key characteristics:

Key Vitals of Lancashire Heeler Dog
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
Lancashire Heeler Dog Herding Dogs 10 inches to 1 foot tall at the shoulder 13 to 15 pounds 9 to 14 years