The Karelian Bear Dog, called Karjalankarhukoira in the breed’s native Finland, is a strong, alert, and fearless breed that is capable of hunting or treeing small-to-large game–even aggressive game such as bears, lynxes, wild boars, wolves, and moose. It makes the list of the top ten most common dog breeds in Finland, where people consider the Karelian Bear Dog a national treasure. Karelian Bear Dogs were bred to be naturally aggressive to other animals for hunting purposes. For that reason, it takes a good deal of socialization and training to keep them as household companions. Also, they have high energy and exercise requirements. However, Karelian Bear Dogs, are extremely loyal to their human families and are very protective watchdogs. So, for an owner willing to put in the work, socialize, train diligently, and give plenty of open space and physical activity, the Karelian Bear Dog can be a calm, loving family member.

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Key Vitals of Karelian Bear Dog
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
Karelian Bear Dog Working Dogs 19 to 24 inches 44 to 50 pounds 10 to 13 years