Introducing a new trick to your dog is a great way to keep their brain functioning well. It is also a fun way to work on that bond with your furry friend. What can be cooler than your dog giving you a high-five when you feel like sharing your happiness! Teach your dog to give you a high-five in only a few simple steps (and a lot of treats and appreciation).

Begin this training in a sitting position that allows your dog to lift its paw easily. The only thing you need to careful is about alarming or scaring your dog on touching their paws. Yes, their paws are sensitive and they might get scared if you suddenly start training them by lifting their paws for a high-five motion. Read on three simple steps of training a dog to give a high-five:

  1. With a treat in your fist clenched tightly, keep it at the dog’s nose level until he paws at your hand out of impatience. This pawing moment must be rewarded with appreciative word and a treat (from the other hand). Repeat several times.
  2. Next, hold a treat at the nose level of the dog and say high five before he lifts his paw. Appreciate their touching your hand with the paw and reward again from another source. Repeat a few times.
  3. Now, hold your hand in a high-five position with you palm towards them, sans the treat. Say high five and appreciate and reward when they touch your hand with their paws. Repeat several times.

Some Tips

With so much training come too many treats! Try using bite-sized fruits like bananas, carrots, strawberries, etc. Once your dog is conditioned to give you a high-five on a consistent basis, you can gradually reduce the treats. Begin this process with skipping a treat for every third high five. Over time, if you see that your dog often doesn’t give you that high-five, you must have skipped a little too much of those treats. Also, it is best to limit one training session to about 15 minutes so that your dog or puppy does not feel stressed or frustrated over it.