As a dog grows older, degenerative joint disease becomes a common age-related ailment. The impact of this disease, which we commonly call osteoarthritis, hampers the dogs’ lives immensely. Climbing a couch or even walking becomes a painful task for them. In addition to a proper treatment, you can several other things to help your dog feel less pain.

Treatment Plan

Take your dog to a vet for a wholesome treatment of arthritis. Vets may prescribe NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which can help in pain. Another medication that may be prescribed is DMOAD, or disease modifying osteoarthritis drug. Do not start giving these medications to your dog on your own without consulting from a practicing vet.

Regular check-up

Make sure that you are prompt and regular with your dog’s checkup for arthritis. That way, the vet can easily monitor and alter the treatment, if needed

Controlled environment

Moist and cold conditions are known to aggravate the symptoms of arthritis in dogs. In those times, you can help create a dry and warmer place for them using a supporting, low-height bed. You may also help in relieving their pain in their joints with warm compressions. Additionally, you can make more changes in and around your home to help your dog. You can install a ramp on the staircase and for entering and exiting a car. Shifting from hard tiles to carpeted floor can also help them in having a better grip.

Balanced diet

The heavier the dog, more is the pressure on his bones. You can introduce a new and healthy dietary change, where you offer them less of fatty foods and more of nutrients and adequate fiber.


Exercise is another greath method to keep your dog slim and moving. However, for a dog suffering from arthritis, you must ensure that they do not go overboard. Playfulness is the second nature of a dog, and arthritis makes it impossible. You can provide them a soft, padded surface for letting themselves be their normal selves.

Acupuncture and Massage

After consulting your vet, you may call a professional animal masseuse and/or an acupuncture specialist for your dog. While a massage of the joints will help in better blood circulation and calmness, acupuncture may also help in the symptoms of arthritis.


For certain osteoarthritis conditions, a vet may suggest a surgery as a treatment option. Discuss with the vet about the potential challenges and benefits of the surgery, and make an informed decision after giving it a much thought.