Every dog has a different nutritional need. The best dog food for your dog will depend on its special need of nutrition. Over its course of life, a dog’s nutritional needs vary. A puppy must be fed differently than an adult dog. A small dog has different dietary needs that a large breed. One can see a wide range of dog food brands in the retail markets, offering even wider options for you to choose. Though many dog food brands assimilate an adequate nutritional mix for your canines, one cannot blindly trust the information on the package. It is because several brands, to get ahead in the competition, do not refrain from adding fillers that are not healthy for your dog. As a dog owner, it is indeed a puzzling situation when you must decide upon the right food for your dog amidst these conflicts. Whatever dog food you choose, you can always prepare them a hearty and healthy meal as an additional or as the major meal part. You may add from the following healthy home-prepared meals for your doggy:

Bone Broth

Simmer bones in apple cider vinegar for several days to prepare this magic potion for your dog. Bone broth is an excellent liver detox as well as it improves the digestion. It helps in strengthening your dog’s bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments. Among several other benefits, it also improves the dog’s brain function and protects its skin.


Meats of the organs are rich in nutrients, even referred to as ‘blood tonics’ in the traditional style of Chinese Medicine. Feeding the internal organ meats will ensure a bundle of many nutrients. For example, meat of the liver contains Vitamins A and B, zinc, iron, ribonucleic and amino acids.


Adding eggs to your dog’s diet will incredibly increase its protein intake. They are also rich in Vitamins A, complex B, D, and E, antioxidants, Omega3, calcium, and zinc.

Coconut oil

Loaded with health benefits, coconut oil boosts your dog’s immunity, enhances brain function, improves skin and teeth, and can also fight tumors and cancers. You can offer your dogs 1 tsp coconut oil for every 10-20 lbs bodyweight.

There are numerous healthy food options for your dog that you can give them for their general health. You can also read here which human foods your dog can and cannot eat for quality health.