The journey of becoming pet parents start earlier than one would think. While some pet parents choose to wait for two of their selected dogs to mate and have puppies, some parents simply adopt a stray or a retired service dog. Nevertheless, the feeling of excitement of bringing home a new family member is just the same. So is the amount of efforts, time, and money a new dog would require. When we talk about the money aspect, the costs of owning a furry friend as your home pet include many things. Depending on the breed you choose to bring, their nutritional requirements, their training needs, vaccinations, etc., these costs vary.

How much a vet costs?

A puppy needs to be vaccinated as per the recommended schedule to protect it from various diseases like parvovirus, rabies, etc. On an average, these essential vaccinations can cost around 1500 rupees a month. Additionally, the cost of maintaining the health, including several emergency conditions, also varies. Moreover, dogs need to be taken to a vet or a groomer for trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, and maintaining the fur.

The veterinarian doctor will also take his or fees every time you visit them. In general, a vet charges anywhere between Rupees 400 to Rupees 2000 on each visit. The costs of medicines or vaccinations are on top of it.

What are other costs of owning a dog?

Other than the much needed vet costs, owning a dog will need several other one-time or regular expenses. Many dog owners need to have a specialized dog trainer for their pets. From proper dog food, nutrional supplements, and snack or treats, to engaging toys, harnesses, or other essential accessories, you must bear these things in mind. There are other expenses too, which might not be repetitive or frequently need to be purchased, such as a dog bed or a coat brush.

Our pets are no less than our family, who need as much love, care, and affection, as we do. From their healthcare to recreational activities, a pet parent need to know beforehand what costs owning a dog would entail.