A veterinarian doctor is often seen practicing in his or her own clinic. They are also often employed by veterinary hospitals (private and government) and clinics, zoos, educational institutes, pharma companies, etc. It means that the job of a veterinary doctor is not merely related to treat your pets, but also wild, aquatic, exotic, and farm animals. We have enlisted the different types of veterinary doctors for more clarity:

Companion animal vets

A companion animal veterinarian doctor is responsible to diagnose and treat health and behavior conditions in domestic animals, mostly dogs and cats. They are also proficient in maintaining the vaccination schedules for your pets. Their expertise also revolve around treating dental problems, performing minor or major surgeries, dressing wounds, and giving relevant advice to the pet parents regarding the pet’s health.

Advanced Practitioners

Veterinarian doctors who are specialized in the clinical practice, having advanced formal training, specializing in one or more species of animals, are advanced practitioners. The common advanced practitioners are:

  • Canine or Feline Practitioners
  • Equine (Horse) practitioners
  • Avian (Birds) practitioners
  • Reptile and Amphibian (snakes, turtles, etc.)
  • Exotic mammals (Rabbits, rats, mice, etc)

Farm or Food animal Vets

Veterinary doctors who treat farm animals, such as sheep, chickens, pigs, cattle, etc., are food animal vets. These vets are indulged in extensive tests and treatment for these animals to ensure their health and immunity against several contagious diseases.

Food safety Veterinarians

Food safety veterinarian doctors specialize in the testing of animal products. They conduct researches and tests with an aim to improve the health of these animals. They also play an integral role in their vaccinations, general health, testing of slaughtering & processing plants. These vets also have a role in certain public health policies and programs to design and execute plans related to controlling of certain diseases among animals and from animals to humans.

Researcher Veterinarians

Research vet doctors, as the name suggests, conduct detailed researches to identify and treat various health problems in animals that may or may not be communicable to humans. They also conduct clinical researches on such health problems and study the effects of various drugs. They are also involved in inventing new surgical techniques based on latest technologies.