Consulting an expert veterinary online at drwaggers is easier than online shopping. Consulting a vet online is definitely not what one would have imagined an year back. But, with changing times and situations, don't we deserve some peace and comfort in our daily lives? Drwaggers online vet consultation offers you that peace and much more.

With everyone working from home amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, Ayush too shifted to his native village with his family. Everything was good, away from the hustling city. But when the family dog developed a severe itching problem that was growing, he was clueless and helpless. There was no veterinary doctor available till several hundred kilometers. What could he do? With some hope, he googled vet online and clicked on With their warm welcome, he instantly understood that there were people who could feel for him sitting across cities in India. He opted to chat with a veterinary doctor online and it took mere 15 minutes into the consultation for the vet to diagnose the problems and suggest medicines. Ayush purchased the medicines, began the treatment immediately, and soon his furry friend was back to its jumpy self. Ayush has become a repeat user of the website ever since. In fact, he often visits the website to read some tips on raising dogs, their behavior, and the food that can be given to them. “Everything is superbly covered on drwaggers,” he says.

If you could too relate to any or all the parts of this narrative, but are still looking for help for your pet facing problems, is here to offer you a helping hand with its online pet consultation. Even if you are not so well-acquainted with technologies and the Internet, you will not feel lost at any step till the consultation is closed with the vet.

How it works?

  1. After logging on to, you can either click on the ‘start consultation’ button or click the whatsapp icon floating in the bottom right corner.
  2. Clicking on either will open Whatsapp on your phone, right into the window where you can chat with a representative of Drwaggers.
  3. After taking a few details, pictures, or videos of your pet, the representative will send you pet consultation plans with payment links.
  4. After selecting a plan that suits you best, click on the link to pay the consultation fees.
  5. Once paid, the process begins. A vet will connect with you in less than 30 minutes.
  6. The vet will chat with you or give you call to understand your concerns.
  7. The vet will suggest medicines and line of treatment for your pet.
  8. Whatmore, a vet will contact you in 2-3 days to follow up on the health of the pet

If you are worried for your pet’s health, behavior, training, or even early vaccinations, a vet will be ready to help you.  Peace of mind and proper treatment of your pet, all this while sitting at home!