home food for dogs

So it is no secret for the animal lovers who are reading this article that animal lovers share almost everything with their pets, namely their beds, their quilts and even food. But many of us don’t know which home food can be given to dogs.

Below is a crisp guide of daily food which we eat with Dos and Dont’s for our furry friends:


YES, Cheese can be used as home food for dogs but you should prefer giving fat-free cheese to your dogs like mozzarella or cottage cheese. Why low-fat cheese? Because high-fat cheese will add to your dog’s weight and will eventually be unhealthy. You should also avoid giving cheese to your pet, who is lactose intolerant.


Almonds as human food for dogs

No, Should be avoided. Dogs have a tendency not to swallow almonds well and there have been cases where dogs have died because cashews blocked the passage of their windpipe. Salted Almonds are no less dangerous than normal almonds. Salt anyways increase water retention in the body, which is really bad dogs with heart diseases


Bread as a dog food

Yes, Bread can be used as home food for dogs. Normal bread without butter or salt can be given to dogs. It does not carry much nutritional value other than carbohydrates which increases weight and is eventually bad for health is the dog does not exercise much. Homemade bread is recommended since it does not has any preservatives.


Chapati as a dog food

Yes, Can be given. Normal roti made of wheat can be given to dogs but without any ghee etc. since ghee has a high amount of fat which leads to an increase in weight. Wheat roti must be given well moderated since too much roti will add to your dog’s weight which is bad if your dog does not exercise a lot.


Chocolate as a dangerous dog food

No, Should not be given. Chocolate has a high toxicity value for our dogs. Chocolate has toxins that can impact the metabolism of dogs leading to diarrhea and vomiting and can eventually lead to death. So never toss a piece of chocolate at your furry friend.


Coconut for dogs

Yes, Coconut oil is good but not with the shell. Coconut in its hard shell can be dangerous for curious little dogs since its hard shell can cut paws or jaw of your dogs who might try to break it open. Coconut oil is good for dogs and is generally prescribed to dogs who are dealing with skin diseases or skin allergies. 1-2 teaspoon of coconut oil in your dog's food a day will be good for its digestion and skin condition.


Eggs for dogs

Yes, Should be given. Eggs are a good source of protein to dogs but should always be given cooked. The uncooked or undercooked egg can cause biotin issues in dogs.


Ham as human for dogs

Yes, Can be given but not often. While HAM is not toxic, but dog parents should avoid giving HAM to their dogs because HAM carries sodium and fat which can cause health issues. HAM is ok as once in a while treat but not as a meal.


Milk as dog food

Yes, Can be given. Lot dogs are given milk in their daily diet and that’s fine but milk does not seem to have any nutritional value for dogs. Some dogs are lactose intolerant and might not adjust well to milk, so pet parents should keep a watch for signs of lactose intolerance.


Pork as a food for dogs

Yes, Can be given. You can feed your dog pork since it has high protein value along with amino acids. Pork has the highest protein count per Kg then any other source of protein. Pork is least likely to cause any allergic reactions to your dog.


Chicken as dog food

Yes, Can be given. It is advisable to feed your dog boiled or well-cooked chicken to your dog since chicken has high protein value and very low-calorie count. Chicken helps in good skin and lean muscle in dogs. For old dogs, chicken might cause some digestion issues and your vet must be consulted if any.


Fish as dog food

Yes, Can be given. Fish can be given to pets since it has good fat and good amino acids count. The most recommended fish are salmon and sardines, salmon because it has high protein and amino acids and sardines because it has digestible bones which give high calcium value. However, for fishes other than sardines, please ensure that bones are extracted completely from the fish because unextracted bones can cause blocked windpipes.


Yogurt as food for dogs in daily routine

Yes, Can be given. Yogurt is OK for the dogs to consume but for lactose intolerance can be one issue which might want to look out for in your dogs.