Ever heard the saying 'an apple a day keeps the doctor away’? The saying is based on hard facts of the health benefits of eating apples. Apples are known to be very good for humans purely because they carry vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, dietary fiber, and are high nutrition which makes them a perfect fruit to keep them healthy. In addition to the benefits which apples give from the nutrients perspective, apples are also juicy and tasty to eat which makes them relished and edible. While humans are well-advised to eat apples daily but the same advisory does not hold true for animals. Animals can eat apples as an occasional treat but they should not be treated as a daily staple diet.

Can Apple be given to labrador dogs?

Yes, Apple can be given to labrador dogs or any other but just like in case of any animal, apple should be given in Limited quantity and occasionally. most of the dogs will enjoy a juicy treat of apples but apples should not be daily to your dogs. The good part while giving apples to your dog is that it's very low in calories and it's tasty to eat.

How to give apples to labrador dogs?

The best way to give Apple to dogs is to peel the outer skin of the apple. Apple skin carry a lot of fiber and dogs with weak digestion can get constipated by eating apple skin.

Always remove apple seeds before feeding your dog, apples seeds carry cyanide which can be dangerous for your dog if consumed in large amounts.

How much Apple to give to a labrador dog?

The right amount of Apple which can be fed to a labrador dog is different from dog to dog but I delete should be kept between 3 to 4 slices once in a while as a treat and not as a daily diet. always remember that you must remove the seeds before serving the apple slices to your dog since seed carry cyanide which can be harmful to your dog.

When to give Apple to a dog?

While Apple skin do not carry any harmful ingredients but it carries a high amount of fiber which some dogs might not be able to digest well, so if your dog has a history of not digesting fiber well then its best not to give them apple skin.

What type of Apples can be given to dogs?

Gala, Fuji, Pink lady, Envy, and almost any apple types which you get in your grocery store can be fed to your dogs. There is no categorisation of good apples or bad apples for dogs or for humans.

What are the dangers of feeding apples to a dog?

While feeding apples to your dog, you should be careful about the core of the Apple. The core of the apple should not be given since the Apple seeds carry a small amount of cyanide which can be harmful to your dog's health if consumed in large amounts.