A dog is just like having a new family member in the house. Its a choice that should be taken after lots of analysis and inquiry. If you have children at home, then finding the best dog breed for kids and family is important.

Some dog breeds are not good for families with kids. They might be inclined to anxiety, get effectively harmed during unpleasant play, or essentially want to stay indoors. 

In your search for the best family and kid-friendly dog, you need to be aware of some crucial points.

Best Dogs for Kids Characteristics:

Regardless of which pooch breed you choose to embrace from a dog’s rescue, there are some characteristics you should search for in a dog if you have plans that they will live in a home with human kids. These characteristics will help protect kids and dogs too. 

Here are a couple of qualities to search for in a puppy who will be living with kids: 

Strong: Kids aren’t generally as delicate as they ought to be, so you need a puppy who will be persistent and versatile. This is for both your kid’s security and your pooch’s joy. Small breeds tend to be apprehensive and soft and may not be a good choice. 

Fiery:  The ideal child friendly breeds have a lot of vitality. They should have the option to stay aware of the children without getting depleted or aggravated. Ensure you pick a breed whose requirements fit well to that of your family. Picking a young puppy may help, however breeds like Spaniels and Retrievers are commonly known for their high vitality levels. 

Smart: Although training is needed for all dogs, it is all the more important around kids. Your new pet has to realize that when its a ‘NO,’ its a no. Chasing hounds are known for their smartness. 

Amicable: This attribute is particularly difficult to evaluate and can differ with different pets. Choose a dog with a warm and open attitude. Refrain from adopting a breed who becomes anxious, apprehensive or inclined to undesirable practices. 

In light of these qualities, here are ten best children-friendly dog breeds for families. You can discover any breed from a dogs rescue.

1. Bulldog 

You probably won’t figure from their little stature, but Bulldogs are relatives of hoary Mastiff-type hounds. Even though they might be a bit vertically challenged nowadays, they hold their stocky form. 

Not the most lively breed, Bulldog is fine being a lapdog.. Bulldog is one who remains relaxed without the care of the world. You won’t need to stress over them pursuing or nipping at kids who play, unlike some hounds do. 

2. Bernese Mountain Dog 

Bernese Mountain Dogs are known for being huge, quiet, and ridiculous. They genuinely are ‘delicate mammoths.’ 

Initially utilized for ranch work, this breed is anxious to learn and simple to be trained. These dogs are incredible companions. However, because of their huge size, they are not appropriate for living in area with restricted space. If you have plans to have only one pup, then they’re a good choice. 

3. Pug 

Pug has an unmistakable look and a character to coordinate. These little hounds are more dynamic and fun-loving than Bulldogs, and their size is suitable for families who live in lofts or compact houses. 

Pugs are good guard dogs, however they might bark particularly if they aren’t appropriately trained. Pugs have a sharp mind which makes them fit for adapting, however they are a bit obstinate. They need steady training. 

This breed adores friendship, and they’ll be glad to follow their people in whatever they do. While they appreciate a decent snooze and snuggle session, they are at their best with people who play and remain lively.

4. Boston Terrier 

A Boston Terrier is a sweetheart, not a contender. These dogs are exceptionally wise and are loaded with stamina, regardless of their little size. 

They’re loving and somewhat nervy. Their size, vitality and tough built make them an ideal family pet.

5. Brussels Griffon 

Originally from Belgium, Brussels Griffons  were prized as ratters who kept stables liberated from insects. They are full of high vitality and excitement. 

Children may adore the Griffon’s monkey-like face, kind disposition, and wonderful attitude. Pooches of this breed will restore that friendship, if they get to socialize and trained from an initial stage. 

The Brussels Griffon become incredible guard dog, as their excitement keeps them on their toes and prepared to bark on someone who walks past them. The ideal time to train them is at the beginning of their puppyhood. 

6. Basset Hound 

Another chasing hound, the Basset Hound is outstanding as compared to other family pets. They’re a slow pace chasing hound, as they are lethargic around the house. 

They’re faithful to their families and may consistently be ‘on the ground’. They weigh about 50-60 pounds, this makes them versatile to practically any living space. 

Bassets Hounds are adoring and delicate. The main drawback might be that they’re difficult, and their training involves a lot of persistence, so they suit best for families that can provide them with some additional time.

7. Labrador Retriever 

Labrador Retriever are known for their amiable nature, knowledge, and tenderness. However, this breed is at its best when they get tons of mental incitement and physical action from trainers. Anything less could bring undesirable and ruinous behavior in them. 

Labs react to rapid training, and their affection for humans make them a nice choice for families with children. Ensure that kids do not feed them too often as they have a tendency to gain weight. If you have a pool or go on family excursions to the sea shore, this dog will most likely be the first one to hop in. 

8. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel were trained to be the lapdog of the Spaniels. They love to snuggle and get tummy rubs. 

This breed is ideal for kids who need to give their dog’s continual physical consideration. In any case, don’t let their quiet attitude fool you. The Cavaliers hold a portion of their legacy with a healthy craving for games and are simple to train.

They are exceptionally friendly and affectionate with their owners.

9. Beagle 

They are small to medium in size, enthusiastic, and well disposed. They turn out to be a wonderful family pet.

As a dog, Beagles can be somewhat obstinate, similar to Bassets, yet they become a great companion for all ages

10. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever is the best family dog breed ever.   They’re an all-rounder, being keen, simple to train and amicable. They require a lot of action to keep them upbeat.  They bond rapidly with all the individuals of the family. One of the most amiable and social breeds, most families can’t turn out badly with a Golden Retriever. 

It is important to remember that each pet is different. While each breed has a general character and aura, there can be variations in their behavior. Adequate training, consideration and a good surrounding is essential for any pooch to feel glad and protected. 

Do you have a dog that is an incredible family hound? Is your pup friendly with children? Tell us in the remarks below.