Labradors have found a special place in many dog lovers’ hearts. It is their loving and cheerful nature that combines with their intelligence to make it one of the most adorable dog breeds.

What is the difference between Labrador retriever and Golden Retriever?

For their similarity with Golden Retrievers, many people wonder, ‘are Labrador and Golden Retriever the same dogs.’ On comparing the two breeds basis their interaction with families, involvement in sports, and intelligence, they could be called as distant relatives. But the fact is that these breeds originate from different places and have a few points of differences.

Then, what is the difference between Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever?

• While the goldens have a longer snout, Labradors have a winder muzzle; both the breeds are excellent in sniffing and searching.

• Goldens have a furry and soft coat while Labradors have a more sleek coat that makes them a natural swimmer.

• Golden retrievers may be of any one red, beige or honey colors. Labradors are found in brown, black, and beige colors.

• Another difference to note is the shape of the tail. A golden has a fluffy tail while a Labrador has a sleek and pointy tail.

Should I keep a Golden Retriever or a Labrador as my pet?

This can be best answered by you, keeping in mind your own personality and your imagination of how your life is going to be with your furry pal. Take this small quiz to find out the answer!

Choose one from each set of questions and then count the answers

A…I am willing to go an extra mile for my pet. I aim to pamper them with loads of love and treats!
B…I absolutely yearn for a companion, who sill eagerly take part with me in all my activities

A…I believe that a pet should be happy, well natured. Its okay if they are not much inquisitive
B…My pet must be energetic, smart, and love challenges; isn’t life about all that after all?

A…I don’t plan to leave my pet alone for long durations, I can change my job if needed
B…My pet must have his own time in addition to the energetic play times we can together enjoy.

A…Training of my pet is needed to stimulate its mental and physical health, in addition to its contribution as a family member
B…I cant wait to take my dog on trekkings, fishing, camping trips. I am ready to train my dog for all this.

If your answers are mostly As, then you are better wired to pet a Golden Retriever. If your answers are mostly Bs, we recommend you bring home a Labrador Retriever.

Congratulations, already!

Are Labrador retrievers good with cats?

If you are reading this, chances are you have immensely adored the cat and dog pictures and videos on Insta and are now contemplating whether you can have such a set in your home too! It is generally seen that most Labrador Retrievers behave decently with cats and connect with them emotionally. However, a sudden introduction of a domestic canine with a feline is never recommended. This introduction should be well articulated. A dog’s response to a new feline family member may also depend on certain other factors. These include:


Methodical socialization makes a critical part of defining the harmony among pets of a home. Experts suggest that introducing different animal pets that are to cohabitate in a home should be done early, that is, when they are kittens and puppies. If its too late for you, you must then understand your Labrador’s behaviour with other animals in the neighbourhood, strangers, and even smaller animals. If your Labrador is obedient while training, gentle with other animals, friendly with people, all these show a green tick mark. On the other hand, if the Lab doesn’t give much heed to training, avoids instructions, plays aggressively, you must address these training and behavioural gaps through proper training.


Breeds such as Goldens and Labradors are considered to be intelligent enough to not only learn new commands quickly, but to also remember and obey those. Labs are specifically considered ‘people pleasers’ and can adopt many behavioural changes to please their owners. Introducing your new cat with your Labrador can be favourable if you manage well to display the cat as another family member just like you. Training them is relatively easy, so ot should not be mentally draining. You can try teaching them several commands, read tips here [http://](http://

Dog breed

Labrador Retrievers were originally bred to accompany hunters, where their roles included retrieving the hunted foul from water bodies. Thus, their instinct on attacking a prey that is alive and moving is negligible. Their instincts work better on a dead, cold, soft mass, which they were trained to carry back to the hunters.

What is the Best Time to Introduce dogs with cats

When they both are young, freshly separated from their litters, the chances of their mutual bonding are high. Another benefit of introducing them during their early childhood is that the chances of innocent accidents causing major harm are minimal because both the kitten and the puppy would be about the same weight and strength.

In case that the puppy and the kitten do not form a loving bond, and merely tolerate each other, there is still something to be happy about. There are not going to be territorial wars if they were introduced to each other in young age. Both, the kitten and the puppy would grow up with and underlying understanding of each other’s presence in the home and thus, no possessive behaviour.

Bringing home a new puppy is a major decision and one must consider several things before going for one. Our love for few certain breeds is apparent, however, any dog can be your loyal companion. At Drwaggers, we believe in adopting, which is the only weapon against illegal breeders.

Happy pet parenting to you!