The Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany during the late 19th century, mostly bred as a guard dog. Their exact ancestry is unknown, but they’re believed to be a mixture of many dog breeds, including the Rottweiler, Black and Tan Terrier, and German Pinscher. With their sleek coat, athletic build, and regal appearance, this pup looks like an aristocrat. They’re highly energetic and smart dogs who perform well in police and military work, canine sports, and as family guardians and companions. Remember, you can find just about any breed of dog at local shelters and rescues.

Watch and learn about Doberman Pinscher dog's key characteristics:

Key Vitals of Doberman Pinscher
NameDog Breed GroupHeight Weight Life Span
Doberman PinscherWorking Dogs24 to 28 inches 60 to 80 pounds 10 to 13 Years