The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a rare purebred dog originating from Germany. Friendly, intelligent, and versatile, this adorable pup has some of the best qualities you can find in any dog breed. The Deutscher Wachtelhund goes by several other names, including German Spaniel, Deutscher Wachtel, and German Quail Dog. Despite their unfortunate status as a rare breed, you can still sometimes find these pooches in your local shelters or rescues. So remember it’s better to adopt. Don’t shop! These pups are adaptable and natural hunters, so living somewhere in the rural area or countryside works best for them. They’re also affectionate and friendly, so they’re suited for any type of household or family. Although they are great family dogs, they can get some separation anxiety if left alone for too long. If you want an energetic, capable dog who will keep you on your toes and love you unconditionally, then the Deutscher Wachtelhund may be the right dog for you!

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Key Vitals of Deutscher Wachtelhund
NameDog Breed GroupHeight Weight Life Span
Deutscher WachtelhundSporting Dogs18 to 21 inches 40 to 55 pounds 12 to 14 Years