The Chipin is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Chihuahua and Miniature Pinscher dog breeds. Compact, happy, and fast learners, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. Parental breed research can offer much insight into their temperament and behaviors. Chipins go by a few names, including Pinhuahua and Minchi. Despite their unfortunate status as a “designer” breed, you can find these mixed dogs in shelters and breed specific rescues, so remember to adopt! Don’t shop! These adorable pups make great apartment dogs for active urban dwellers and families, though they have a tendency to be yappy. If you want an energetic “spirited” dog who will keep you on your toes, alert you to any potential dangers, and love you unconditionally, the Chipin may be your new best friend.Chipin Mixed Dog Breed Pictures Chipin Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & FactsInitiate Gallery Additional articles you will be interested in:AdoptionChoosing The Best Dog NameBringing Home Your DogTraining To Walk On-LeashHousetraining PuppiesFeeding A PuppyIndoor Activities For DogsTeaching Your Dog TricksHow To Take Pictures Of Your Dog

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Key Vitals of Chipin
NameDog Breed GroupHeight Weight Life Span
ChipinMixed Breed Dogs8 to 12 inches 5 to 15 pounds 10 to 14 years