The Chilier is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Chihuahua and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog breeds. Friendly, sociable, and affectionate, these pups inherited some of the best traits from both of their parents. The Chilier is sometimes also known as the Cavachi. You can find these mixed breed dogs in shelters and breed specific rescues, so remember to always adopt! Don’t shop if you’re looking to add one of these pups to your home! This mixed breed has a fine reputation for being a very family-focused dog who enjoys being around people and will bond with the members of your family very quickly. They’re also relatively laid back and calm. Due to their small size, they can usually adapt to living in apartment situations; although, they definitely prefer to have access to a safe and fenced-in outdoor space. If you’re thinking of adopting a Chilier, just be aware that they often have a very strong independent streak that comes from their Chihuahua side, and it can result in the dog being harder than usual to train. See below for all Chilier facts and mixed dog breed characteristics!Chilier Mixed Dog Breed Pictures Chilier Mixed Dog Breed Pictures, Characteristics, & FactsInitiate Gallery Additional articles that will interest you:AdoptionChoosing The Best Dog NameBringing Home Your DogTraining To Walk On-LeashHousetraining PuppiesFeeding A PuppyIndoor Activities For DogsTeaching Your Dog TricksHow To Take Pictures Of Your Dog

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