"Can dogs eat potatoes?" is question that every dog owner has had at one time. The answer is yes, potatoes are safe for your dog but boiled or baked with nothing added to them.

How should you give Potatoes to Dogs?

Whenever you are sharing your food with your dogs, you need to be extra cautious. Do not give raw potatoes to dogs, but consider boiled or baked. You must also skip all the additional ingredients with potatoes, such as oil, butter, spices, or even salt. Raw potatoes contain Solanine, which is a poisonous substance for dogs. Cooking the potatoes drastically reduces the Solanine levels. If you offer potatoes with the skin, it will add to the fiber and minerals.

How Are Potatoes Good For Dogs? 

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates, but also abundant with iron, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and C.

  1.  Vitamin B6: Helps in synthesis of protein, essential in proper growth.
  2. Vitamin C: Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, it helps in strenghtening the immune system.
  3. Iron: Helps in circulation of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

How Much Potatoes can be given to Dogs?

Potatoes cannot form a major part of your dog's diet because of its high carbohydrate content. Like any other good food, potatoes should be given in moderation. If your dog suffers from diabetes or issues like over weight, it would be better to not include potatoes in their diet.

Fact: As a thumb rule by experts, 10% of calorie in dogs should come from treats or snacks and fruit/vegetables should not contribute more than 20% of dog calorie count.

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