Can dogs eat brown rice? Yes, brown rice is not only a nutritious food for dogs, but is also easy on their digestive systems. In fact, it is often an essential ingredient in several dog food products. Dogs are famously known as carnivorous but actually they have evolved to become omnivorous. They can eat and digest plant-based products too. Rice being a plant-based product is digestible by dogs.

How should you give Brown Rice to Dogs?

Brown rice should be cooked in water or steam-based rice cooker. You should serve your dogs brown rice without adding any oils, ghee, salt, or any other seasoning.

How is Brown Rice Good For Dogs? 

Brown rice has the outer husk on the grains, which makes it rich with fiber and protein. Also, brown rice contains carbohydrates and several nutrients such as group of B vitamins and essential minerals. It is no doubt a very nutritious food for dogs.

How can Brown Rice be Bad For Dogs? 

Since brown rice is rich in carbohydrates, too much of rice can add to your dog's weight.

How Much Brown Rice can be Given to Dogs?

Rice can be 1/4th part of your dog meal. Anything above that will lead to weight gain in your dog. In puppies few spoons of rice should be good enough.

Fact: As a thumb rule by experts, 10% of calorie in dogs should come from treats or snacks and fruit/vegetables should not contribute more than 20% of dog calorie count.

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