Can dogs eat bread? Well, yes, much like humans, dogs can easily digest white or brown bread. It is recommended to ensure a proper, well-balanced diet for them and not only rely on bread for nutrition. Since bread is rich in carbohydrates, it can easily become the reason for your dog's obesity. Adequate exercise will also be beneficial for them in addition to their bread consumption.

How should you give Bread to Dogs?

You can give plain bread with some boiled veggies of personal choice toy our dogs. There is no need to put any butter, sweetener, or any spread on the bread.

How can Bread be Bad For Dogs? 

Since bread is rich in carbohydrates, excess of it can add to your dog's weight and lead to other problems like obesity and diabetes. Also, breads come with added substances such as seeds or nuts, garlic, raisins, or other food items. Macadamia nuts, in particular, are dangerous for dogs and cause severe stomach problems. Thus, you must ensure that you are giving plain wheat bread to your dogs, and that too as a treat or a filler.

How Much Bread Can Be Given to Dogs?

Excess of bread can be bad because of its high carb content. Stick to a well-balanced diet of a variety of nutrients for your dog, while bread is a safe idea for frequent treats.

Fact: As a thumb rule by experts, 10% of calorie in dogs should come from treats or snacks and fruit/vegetables should not contribute more than 20% of dog calorie count.

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