Can dogs eat asparagus? Yes, it is a healthy vegetable that is free of any possibly toxic substances. You can safely give asparagus to your dogs. It is advised that you cook asparagus before giving it to your dogs because they find it difficult to chew in its raw form. However, since cooking diminishes the nutrition value of a vegetable, you can consider other healthy vegetables for your pets that can be eaten raw by them. This simply means, that when it comes to health benefits of asparagus, there are always more healthy options available.

What are the things to look for while giving asparagus to dogs?

If you grow your own veggies, and the asparagus plant too, you need to ensure that you mark a safe zone around it. The inedible portion on the asparagus plant contains some toxins, which your pet might ingest out of curiosity. Moreover, asparagus must be cut into bite-sized pieces and cooked slightly before giving to the dogs. It will reduce the risk of choking, trouble chewing and troubles in digesting.

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