Can dogs eat almonds? No, almonds are not good for dogs. Your dog might not be allergic to almonds but almonds cannot be digested by dogs. It may also cause some level of poisoning if eaten a lot. Read on to understand why cant dogs eat almonds or any other nuts.

Why are Almonds Bad for Dogs?

The following are the issues that can be caused by almonds:

  1.  Small dogs that have small windpipe might choke on them
  2. Dogs might get intestines blocked by almonds
  3. Vomiting
  4. Diarrhea
  5. If eaten in large amount, almonds can cause poisoning.

What Substance is Bad in Almonds? 

If almonds are consumed in large amounts by a dog then a mold called  Aspergillus, which contains Aflatoxin can cause poisoning.

In short, almonds can cause digestive issues and in the long term, they can even cause pancreatitis.

What to do if your Dog Eats Almonds? 

One or two almonds will mostly not effect your dog but if your dog consumes handful of almonds then you should consult vet immediately.

Note: Some dogs might show no symptoms after eating almonds but that does not mean than they can be fed almonds. Always avoid feeding almonds to your dogs.

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