The Bouvier des Flandres was originally bred to be a versatile farm dog. He helped farmers in a multitude of tasks, including herding livestock (particularly cattle), pulling carts, and guarding. The hard-working and intelligent Bouvier is still an ideal farm dog, as well as a capable service, assistance, law enforcement, and guard dog. And while you can also find him competing in obedience, agility, and herding trials, serving as family companion is the role that seems to suit him best. See below for complete list of Bouvier des Flandres characteristics! Bouvier des Flandres Dog Breed Information, Pictures, Characteristics & Facts – DogtimeInitiate Gallery Additional articles you will be interested in: Adoption
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Watch and learn about Bouvier des Flandres dog's key characteristics:

Key Vitals of Bouvier des Flandres
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
Bouvier des Flandres Herding Dogs 1 foot, 11 inches to 2 feet, 4 inches tall at the shoulder 70 to 100 pounds 10 to 12 years