These majestic black beauties are highly intelligent, confident guard dogs who aren’t actually true terriers. Relatively new and still a rare dog breed, the Black Russian Terrier is a working dog who can protect a home or business, play with the family’s children, and excel in agility and obedience competition. Known as the “Black Pearls of Russia,” Blackies are people-oriented and want to be close to the action at all times. They tend to be a bit aloof around strangers, including dogs they don’t know, but they’re devoted to their families, and they don’t bark or shed much. They have large bones and well-developed muscles, creating a vibrant, flowing impression. Like Henry Ford’s first cars, Blackies are available in black, black, or black.

Watch and learn about Black Russian Terrier Dog's key characteristics:

Key Vitals of Black Russian Terrier Dog
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
Black Russian Terrier Dog Working Dogs 26 to 28 inches at the shoulder 80 to 140 pounds 10 to 11 years