The concept of muzzlers is increasingly getting popular concerning dogs with aggressive temperament. However, many dog lovers feel repulsed with such measures. In reality, muzzlers are beneficial for not only dogs but for also pet owners. You can easily introduce a muzzler to your pet and train him to accept as something ordinary.

When to use a muzzler
Sometimes muzzlers are necessary

Situations when Muzzlers become necessary

If a dog is injured, frightened, or is under stress for any other reason, it is more likely to bite. In such situations, muzzlers can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary trouble and hassles. If a dog has a history of getting stressed and biting whenever it visits a vet or a groomer, it can be trained to put on a muzzler. However, it is always advised that this tool should never be used to correct a problematic behaviour or to punish a dog. Muzzlers come in different shapes and sizes and it is highly likely that you can find one for your pet’s specific size and breed.

Situation when Muzzlers must never be used

Muzzlers are temporary tools to prevent bites. It is by no way a method to train a dog. If a dog has some behavioural issues that need to be taken care of, there has to be consistent, proper training. For instance, if a dog barks on guests or any other person entering the home, the owner should first understand the underlying problem and address it, rather than curbing the dog’s bark with a muzzler. If a dog is consistently put on a muzzler in unnecessary situations, it will only add up to its anxiety and stress as it will begin associating the muzzler with something stressful that may be going to happen to him. In such situations, the dog will get more frightened when it is actually an emergency situation and it has to be put on a muzzler.

Types of Muzzlers

You can either purchase a muzzler or make it at home to get the right fit on your pet’s mouth.

Basket Muzzler

It is like a basket covering the mouth and the nose without the mouth forcibly closed. Some muzzlers also come with slits at the side and gaps to allow the dogs to easily breathe, drink, or chew.

Fabric Muzzler

These muzzlers keep the mouth of the dog closed, which can make it uncomfortable. This type of muzzle doesn’t give the dog air spaces for panting, drinking, barking, and eating. It should be used under supervision and only for a short time, and absolutely never under hot conditions. Since these muzzlers do not allow slipping little treats into the dogs’ mouths, these are not a good choice for a dog under training.

Makeshift Muzzlers

In emergency situations, when any other muzzler is not easily available, you may need to make one on your own. The most popular things that can be used to make a muzzler at home include the dog’s own leash, gauze/bandage, or even a pantyhose. However, you must make sure that you have your dog’s special medical aid kit ready which also has a proper muzzler.