People consider playing dog games like fetching games and tug-of-war. Yet, there are various dogs who may be aged, anxious, or just not excited with the idea of playing these ideal dog games. 

They may rather consider to take slow long walk, adapt new traits or just love to cuddle with you. 

Different breeds like to play different dog games in their own way, depending upon their age and characters. If your dog doesn't react to any of your games in the past doesn't mean they would never play. It just means that you are unable to find the game that excites your puppy

It tends to be disappointing as well as irritating to identify a game that your dog adores, however it's absolutely worth the exertion. Games are important for a dog's mental development, physical exercise and overall growth.

This also becomes a good reason to invest some energy in building up a connection with your hound. The primary reason for you to have a dog is because of this reason, isn't it? 

There are six types of dogs and you will have to find games that suits your dog type. Following are the types of dogs and games which will suit their type.

Jock Dogs Types:

Tug of war game of puppies

These dogs are enthusiastic whenever they see you back home, always want to play with toys and bring them to you and like to explore around stuffs for playing. If this one is your pet be prepared to have a lot of fun-time and physical activities.  

Types of Games which they will like:

  1. Throwing and Fetching
  2. Tug-of-War
  3. Long climbs
  4. Frisbee
  5. Hopping
  6. Long walks
  7. Flyball
  8. Running.

You can take them to parks where they can play with other dogs and exhaust themselves. Basically any sports that involves both physical and mental labor will keep your jock dog delighted and happy.

The Ball Hound Types:

Dog playing ball fetching game

Well, if your pup covers up and recovers toys, balls, and sometimes even a pair of your socks, they are unquestionably a ball hound. If you want to keep this dog elated and amused  then you must plan to venture up your fetching game. 

In case your pet is a Retriever, then try taking them closer to a lake as they love water. You can even try to play other ball hound games with them. 

Dogs that are Couch Potatoes Types:

Will your pooch rather sit on the couch along with you and watch Amazon Prime video rather than play? 

It is difficult to persuade a couch potato doggy to raise their stamina, however it is imperative to their wellbeing. Taking your relaxed puppy out for a long walk is a low-sway method for keeping them energetic and lively.

Here are a couple of different approaches to keep your dog energetic in the event that they want to have an increasingly inactive way of life: 

  • Train and practice essential directions. This might not be a lot of game, yet your dog will enjoy it. 
  • Play a small fetching game inside the house on a mat or rug. 
  • Litter their food here and there at home so that they move from one room to another and search for it.
  • A food dispensing toy can be a helpful device for adding psychological stimulation in their routine life.
  • Allow your pooch to mingle with other hounds. Often, an increasingly dynamic dog can persuade your dog to play.

Is your Dog a Diggity One Type:

Does your pooch likes to burrow? A few hounds simply want to paw and hook at furniture, in lawns, and in your messy clothing than others. 

To prevent your hound's burrowing from getting ruinous, provide them their own place to burrow. You can give them a sandbox or an area in the backyard. 

You may likewise want to take a stab at hurling their toys under beds or low level tables while playing fetching game at home. The sentiment of burrowing may allure their digger roots. 

Talking about passageways, some digger hounds enjoy playing in a kids burrow, as well. You can reuse your children's old passagway toys or purchase a new one only for your pooch.

A Dog's Nose Type:

Dog sniffing around the neighbourhood

Dogs are trained so that they can sniff distinctive smell and pursue to any place wherever it  drives them. They have an inclination to detect fragrances which can be utilized for unique purposes.

One can even train their dogs so that they turn out to be a professional such as inspection and salvage hounds once they grow up.

Owners even involve their dogs to these aroma smelling classes. Various daycare for dogs, provide such joy classes that gives a chance to owners to get attached to their dogs. 

Hide and seek is another game that involves a lot of fun and proves out to an enjoyable game for your puppy. While playing this game, you hide cookies or toys that your pup loves and later command your dog to find it out. Initially start hiding at easy locations and eventually move to laborious ones. 

Obviously, long walks can give your dog a lot of areas to sniff.  Try walking to new areas where you haven't been previously. The new smells will give your puppy some psychological incitement.

Intelligent Pup

When you get a puppy home, in some weeks of staying with them you realise whether they are smart or not. A smart pup is always ahead of its owner, be it getting a leash for going out for running or walking or biting your shoes as you didn't give them food on time. 

To prevent your savvy puppy from getting ruinous out of monotony, play some intellectual sport with them. 

If you can make them focus on clever exercises that involves mental growth, then your savvy hound is bound to gain a lot. Or else look for these options for your puppy: 

  • Gathering activities. A few coaches will offer classes or individual exercises. 
  • Adapt new, inventive stunts. 
  • Confusing toys. Psychological exercise that helps in mental growth . 
  • Try playing name games with your pup by giving name to each of your puppy's toys. At the point when they bring the correct toy, praise them. Bring new toys on a timely basis. 
  • Remember the physical exercise, as well. Numerous dogs tend to enjoy jock dog games.
  • But before you start any new exercise routine with your pup, consult a vet. Remember, all the exercises that you've planned are safe for your puppy and try to give your dog enough rest as and when they require it. 

So, what sort of games your dog loves? Tell us in the remarks below.