Mastiff dog breeds

Mastiff dog breeds are the gentle giants and one of the oldest dog breeds on the earth; they are known to be originated thousands of years back in central Asia. They have been used as war dogs, fighting dogs, and guard dogs in history, and they still take keeping their masters safe and secured seriously. Mastiffs dog breeds are big dogs, and their size is good enough to deter any intruder. Big size comes with great responsibility on behalf of their masters. Since Mastiffs are guard dogs, historically, they mostly remain suspicious to strangers, so their masters should expose mastiffs to as many family members as possible to ensure mastiffs take them into his circle of trust. 

Mastiff dog breeds are:

Tibetan Mastiff:

Tibetan mastiff dog breed

Tibetan mastiff is a mountain breed originating from Tibet, also called 'Dogs-Khyi" in Tibet. They are known to be reserved and of a protective nature. They are known to be used to guard herds of sheep, tents, monasteries, etc. This breed thrives in the mountainous region, but don't do well in warm conditions. Not every owner can own them since they are relatively stubborn and temperamental; it would not be wrong to say that Tibetan mastiffs own their owners and not vice-versa.

Neapolitan Mastiff:

Neapolitan mastiff dog breed

Neapolotan mastiff is a massive breed that originated from Italy and has been historically used as war dogs followed as to guard family and estate because of its protective nature and aggressive appearance.

Neapolotan mastiff is calm and affectionate dogs. Napolean mastiff is not recommended for first-time owners due to their overly protective nature and large size. They have a thin coat and come in 4 shades blue, black, gold and mahogony.

Bull Mastiff:

Bull mastiff

Bull mastiff is a massive dog (60 Kg) and has the muscle to carry off that weight and be nimble. It is known to hunt other animals by overtaking them; hence it's no pushover when it comes to speed and agility.

Bull Mastiff, like other mastiffs, is very protective about family and children but not very friendly to other male dogs, if any in the home. They are not very good with same-sex dogs and are known to harm the other dog, especially if its of same-sex. Being a guard dog bull mastiff is mostly used to guard property, herd and family.

Bull mastiff got its name from the resemblance to bulldog and can be attributed 60% to mastiff and 40% to bull dog.



Mastiff is an ancient dog that originated from Egypt or Rome. Its been an old war dog with mentioned in ceaser chronicles dated in 55 B.C.

In ancient roman empire, mastiffs were known for their bravery, dignity and brute strength due to which they often fought against gladiaters, tigers etc in colosseum. They weight between 60 Kg to 105 Kg and their weight is well compensated by their strong muscles, which bring in agility at the time of fight or moment of need. They generally are thin coated and come in apricot, brindle, and fawn color.