Though, Chihuahuas pups are little, their characters are definitely not.These peculiar, steadfast pup are cute and will catch your heart right away. 

Keep in mind, you can discover pretty much any breed including Chihuahuas in safe houses or safeguards.

Before you embrace and bring home Chihuahua puppies you had always wanted, here are a few things you should be aware of. 

1. You and your household items will be mere Obstacles

Chihuahuas are quite fun-loving. This breed because of its lively attitude and tiny size, will consider everything around itself an area to play be it your home, you or anything that is around them. 

In case you're not happy with this, make certain set of rules right from the day you bring a Chihuahua home and avoid development of any mischievous habit. 

2. Chihuahuas are extremely Attentive

Chihuahuas are superb guard dogs since they'll caution you of any new individual getting inside your house. 

Chihuahuas regularly get negative criticism for being notorious, while they can behave unceratin to ensure that you are protected.

You can prevent this attitude if you socialize your new Chihuahua puppy with others from the very beginning. 

3. Can Be A Bit Commanding 

Chihuahua puppy admires their owner. For this reason,  they might be a bit jealous if you are more attentive towards other creatures or even an individual for that matter.

Therefore, socialization is vital to avert unfavourable attitudes. 

Allow Chihuahua puppy to associate with other hounds and make them understand that it is absolutely normal to have another pet at home while you still adore your Chihuahua. 

4. Chihuahuas have a Big Heart

While profoundly savvy and trainable, Chihuahuas don't comprehend that they are too tiny in size as compared to a Golden Retriever who is multiple times their size. 

Your Chihuahua little dog will act like they're the sovereignty of the alcazar. Also, with that lovable face, just adds on to this behavior. 

Luckily for you - your puppy has a gentle heart and is someone who just wants to cuddle under the quilt and pamper you with kisses.

5. Might Want you to Get Another Chihuahua Pup

Generally Chihuahuas enjoy being with different hounds, particularly other Chihuahuas. 

You realize what might be more lovable than a Chihuahua pup you have? Another Chihuahua pup obviously.

Salvage Chihuahuas are regularly part of "fortified sets." You can't have one without the other. Therefore, it is certainly necessary for you to state that one is sufficient for you presently.

Will you embrace a Chihuahua from a rescue house? According to you, what more should people be aware about as far as Chihuahuas are concerned? Tell us in the remarks below.