If we talk about best dogs for an apartment, size does make a difference. Large paws and long legs don't generally combine well with compact living spaces. 

Though, a dog size isn't the only problem. 

How to decide on the best dog for an apartment?

While finding best dogs for an apartment, you ought to look into a pup's stamina, the kind of noise it makes and also the fact of how friendly your puppy is. ( people living next to your condo means a lot of get-together, meeting new individuals and different dogs too).

Keeping in mind these obvious reasons and general behavior of dogs, here are best condo hounds that could be an incredible fit for people who live in apartments.

1. Basenji 

Basenji is an incredible choice when you have fine walls and residents that stay nearby. This breed hardly weights more than 25 pounds and 18 inches in height.  Although, if not watched for excessive time Basenji can be naughty. 

2. Bichon Frise 

Bichon Frise maximum height is no taller than a foot long. They are enthusiastic, which implies they are fun-loving and need routine workouts. This breed sheds in the limit which makes them perfect to stay with people who have sensitive skin.

3. Boston Terrier 

Much like Bichon Frise, this breed 'Boston Terrier' also doesn't grow taller than one and half foot. They are erratic which means they need routine walks to remain cheerful. Though, if Boston Terrier exercises regularly, they turn out to be great, delicate loving pets.

4. Brussels Griffon 

Brussels Griffon is an enthusiastic, durable breed. They are exceptionally friendly and bond rapidly with their proprietors. They love to cuddle, which may be a need, contingent upon exactly how small your condo is. 

5. Bulldog 

The Bulldog is maybe most surely understood for his apathy, making them an ideal dog for condos. A brief walk is all they need to keep them glad. Else, they simply laze around and nap. They're a delicate breed and hardly gets taller than 18 inches. 

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

They always want to snuggle. They will lay on your lap and want you to rub their stomach whenever possible. They're quite close to their proprietors, so a compact house is great for them. The greatest challenge comes when its time to housetrain them, as they are difficult to train. However, if you spend time with them outside, they'll instantly become reliable loft pets.

7. Chihuahua 

Chihuahuas are little in size and make for an incredible loft hound. They need the least exercise and always want to be around their proprietors. Chihuahuas are cautious of outsiders, so it's ideal to look after them in any social gathering. 

8. Chinese Crested 

Chinese Crested has a laid back attitude. They prove to be a good companion for people who are less energetic even bedridden ones. Their capacity to lay on bed for a considerable length of time, combined with their tiny size, makes them an ideal low-maintenance pet.

9. Coton de Tulear 

Cotons are ecstatic hounds that fit well in compact condos. Their size is little, extremely amiable with people and different creatures. Fetching games and going for walks are something they enjoy, however won't mind a day to stay indoors either. 

10. Dachshund 

Dachshunds are quite tiny in size (People most likely know them for their little legs). They are adorable, enthusiastic hounds that frequently bring happiness on others face for their looks. Their short legs permit them to stay completely inside sometimes.

11. French Bulldog 

French Bulldogs were initially reproduced in England to be small bulldogs. Their compressed size and less exercise needs make them great apartment hounds. This breed likes to play and develop better with more human connect. French Bulldogs turn out to be incredible guard dogs as they hardly bark without any reason. 

12. Havanese 

Havanese like to stay indoors with their proprietor as compared to remaining outside. Though, they might have tenacious traits but are quite energetic. When their owners are close to them, then Havanese enjoy the most while playing. In an average they are about a foot tall in height. This breed is quite suitable for someone who is fulll of life and energy. They prove to be good condo pet. 

13. Greyhound 

Greyhounds, however generally known for great stamina and lean legs, they turn out to be excellent pets. Their vitality level is well maintained as they go out for regular walks and their amiable and quiet nature, makes them a wonderful loft pet.  

14. Japanese Chin 

Japanese Chin are an exceptionally deft breed that turns out to be an incredible indoor partner. Known for their catlike tendency to reach out to tall furnishings, the Chin can adjust to any living circumstance. Regardless of their exquisite coats, this breed needs minimal of a week by week brushing. Their friendly attitude, size and less activity needs make them extraordinary loft inhabitants with less dynamic ways of life. 

15. Lhasa Apso 

Lhasa Apso thinks he is huge, yet they are great for your condo as they hardly become a foot tall. Socialization and training at an initial stage for this breed so that they become benevolent and a steadfast breed. Not at all like the Japanese Chin, Lhasa hounds need every day brushing and regular washing.

16. Lowchen 

Lowchens are a fun-loving, delicate breed. Lowchen are tender pets who love to play, yet don't have high workout requirements. They coexist well with different creatures and, with adequate socialization are amicable with everyone around.

17. Maltese 

Maltese has been an exceptionally respected buddy hound for a long time. Since they have no undercoat, therefore its obvious that Maltese have nothing to shed, which might be perfect for you if you have to live in a close resident apartments. They are a warm breed, however every now and then they panic, so they are most appropriate for people who mostly stay at home. 

18. Manchester Terrier 

Manchester Terrier is a keen, responsive breed who is effectively prepared to condo living. Their smaller than normal size makes them perfect for even the most secure living quarters. This breed also gets along really well with owners who mostly stay at home, however when left unattended, they can get dangerous and bark unnecessarily. 

19. Little Pinscher 

Their appearance somewhat matches to that of a small Doberman, the Miniature Pinscher is both fearless as well as vivacious. They make incredible guard dogs since they are suspicious of outsiders. Their little size makes them useful for condos, yet this breed doesn't get along well with little kids, and must be mingled ahead of schedule with different pets. 

20. Pekinese 

Pekinese requires a lot of consideration and love. They will bark at outsiders, so early training is a necessity. The Pekinese enjoy the attention of its owners as the only pet, however, they seem to acknowledge different pets too is socialized appropriately. They make extraordinary condo pets because of their friendly nature and size.