Watching our dogs running freely in our backyard is probably one of the easiest ways to bring a smile on our faces. Unfortunately, dogs and other pets can wander off while playing in the yard. It is even more alarming if a puppy or a dog under training has wandered away. Monitoring them all the time may not be possible. Such instances have other potential issues too. From pet thieves, attacks by stray, to getting hit by moving vehicles, pet owners’ worries never seem to stop.

Expert dog behaviourist and researchers are now increasingly suggesting the use of invisible dog fences to set a boundary for pets playing in the backyard. With an invisible fence using electrical field lay down around your property, you can have a peace of mind even if your dog refuses to come inside the home.

Uses of an invisible fence for dogs

Dogs who are well trained with all the basic necessary commands will come back to you as soon as you call him. But dogs who are not yet trained or who are more curious about their surroundings may wander off. Even if you put boundaries to restrict their spaces, they can simply leap across it.

An invisible dog fence is a latest enforcement tool to ensure they understand points beyond which they must not go. The set up of such a fencing system includes an underground electrical system as well as a special collar for your dog acting like a radio to pick up signals.

How Does it Work

Invisible fences use wireless signal fields. There is a transmitter in your dog’s collar that exchanges information with the signal field. The power of the transmitter can be varied and hence the range of it too. As soon as the signals between the collar and the transmitter break, there will be a static correction that is gentle yet startling. It instantly reminds the dog to not cross the boundary.

Benefits of Invisible Dog Fence

  • With not much maintenance needed, the invisible dog fences come as a cheaper option as compared to our regular fencing.
  • Invisible fences are laid underground. There is no physical fence installed and thus, allows you free movement beyond your own yard.
  • Invisible fences may be a wireless system or an underground system buried across the boundaries. They have no physical obstruction to make you compromise for the view you want of that pretty garden. 

In-ground or Wireless Fences

All those benefits of invisible dog fences would have likely prompted you to get oneyou’re your dog. However, there are also some options to consider in the wireless category. 

A wireless dog fence includes a collar that sends a static shock when the dog crosses the transmitter and the marked boundary. Wireless dog fences can cover areas for a few acres. Unfortunately, there are chances that the transmitters fail whenever there is any interference in the connection between the collar and the transmitter.

In-ground transmitters work in the same way as the wireless fences. The only difference is the underground wiring. The alarm is set off in the event the dog with the special collar gets close to the wiring and then, there is a mild, static shock as enforcement.

How to Find Best Invisible Fence For Dogs

Before hastily buying one on an e-commerce website, you must understand which will be the most suited or the best invisible dog fence for your needs. This decision must be made basis the following considerations.

Size of the Dog

If you are confused between a wireless system and an in-ground invisible fence around your home, you must think about the size of your dog. In general, smaller dog breeds need less space to run around than the bigger breeds. It is important that the fencing you put does not restrict the needed free space for your dog.

A wireless fencing system generally turns out to be more suitable for a small breed. Likewise, a larger breed dog would require an under ground or in-ground fencing system.

Size of the backyard

A smaller yard is better for wireless fences and so is an oddly-shaped yard. On the other hand, bigger yards or where there are large open areas will be better covered by an in-ground fence.

Dog’s Weight

The invisible fencing systems make use of little static shocks for the dog. However, to make them humane, the developers of this technology use a mild shock as something startling. It does not harm the pet, only startles him. To customize the intensity of this shock, it is important to know the weight of your dog. It is to make sure that not too much or not too little of the shock is used in this tool.

A good invisible fence will not only prevent your dog to become a nuisance for the neighbors, but also tackle more issues. The dogs will be safe from the mishaps that might occur if they roamed freely. The pet owners can have their peace of mind that their pet is safe, playing in their yard.