Australian Kelpie dog breed originally herded livestock and needed minimum supervision. The same qualities still hold true in this breed and they are often found happy in performing this job. This breed hates being out of work and a bored Kelpie can often show destructive and unwanted behavior to kill their boredom. They are easy to train and can perform splendidly in many doggy sports as well as perform important roles as service dogs, rescue dogs, or sniffing dogs. Their agile body requires a high amount of exercise and proper diet. With channelized direction from trainers, the Australian Kelpie can perform many difficult jobs with minimum supervision.

Watch and learn about Australian Kelpie dog's key characteristics:

Key Vitals of Australian Kelpie Dog
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
Australian Kelpie Dog Herding Dogs 15 to 20 inches 25 to 46 pounds 10 to 15 years