The American Leopard Hound is a purebred dog whose ancestors came from Mexico by way of Spanish conquistadors who sailed to North America. They are energetic, sociable, and intelligent pooches who possess all-around great qualities. The American Leopard Hound goes by other names, such as the Leopard Cur, American Leopard, and American Leopard Cur. You can look for this pure breed by checking your local shelters or rescues. Remember it’s best to adopt and not shop! These sweet pups are natural hunting dogs and have very high energy, which means they do best in homes with yards. They’re able to bond strongly with humans, which makes them well-suited for households of all types, from single pet parents to families with children. If you want an energetic dog who loves to run and keep you on your toes, alerts you to any potential dangers, and adores you completely, the American Leopard Hound may be the right dog for you!

Watch and learn about American Leopard Hound Dog's Key Characteristics:

Key Vitals of American Leopard Hound Dog
Name Dog Breed Group Height Weight Life Span
American Leopard Hound Dog Hound Dogs 21 to 27 Inches 35 to 75 pounds 12 to 15 years