About Us

About Us

Drwaggers brings to all the pet parents and animal lovers a unique online vet consultation platform to find answers to their concerns related to their pets’ health, diet, and behavior. Our veterinary doctors online are striving every day to offer you high-quality, easy, and affordable veterinary consultation services. We understand your love for your pets, who are much more than family members to you. At the same time, we know your helplessness when you just can’t help your pet and have to see them suffer. Our own experience of parenting a pet, losing him, lack of veterinary services, and being clueless, everything combined for us at one time. It was disheartening to see lack of proper facilities and veterinary doctors in many remote places. Thus began the journey and the commitment of drwaggers to help pet parents and stray rescuers in gaining better knowledge and expert guidance.

In few simple steps, drwaggers allows you to connect with a veterinary doctor online who works dedicatedly to answer your queries. If you need a second opinion on your pet’s current treatment, a remedy to a new infection, or even a specialized diet recommendation, our expert online vets will guide you. We know how valuable your time and money are. Drwaggers offers all these opportunities at much affordable prices from your home’s comfort.

With an adequate amount of knowledge about your pet’s health and behavior, possible reasons, and quick remedies, a pet parent can feel a sense of confidence and empowerment. Our beloved furry pets are too sensitive and unfortunately, have limited means to communicate their pain or discomfort. Moreover, humans also often fail to understand their signs. Not every little symptom would need a visit to a vet or a consultation from a veterinary doctor online. That is why we have made and shared a knowledge bank on your pet’s symptoms, diseases, behavior, remedies, and tips. These articles have been written and/or approved by our trusted vets to allow you to become your pet’s advocate. We hope our experience and pledge towards making pet parenting easy can make a difference, a pawsitive difference!

Our Expert Vets

dr. Sonika

Dr Sonika

Veterinary Doctor
B.V.Sc & AH
I am a veterinary doctor by profession and a passionate animal lover. My passion for animals, the voiceless beings, continues to become stronger everyday. I envision a strong veterinary infrastructure in India that aids in animal health and welfare. Online vet consultation with 42d.f0e.myftpupload.com brings me closer to my goals.

Dr Soniya Gupta

Veterinary Doctor
M.V.Sc, B.V.Sc & AH
As a veterinary professional and a mother, it is hard for me to decide what brings me more joy , my son looking up to me in a noble profession or the pet parents who I consult. Nevertheless, I would prefer this question to be unanswered.

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Address: 1/1 Jia Sarai, Hauz Khas, New Delhi – 110016, Email: Sahil.Sharma@42d.f0e.myftpupload.com