More often than not, dog owners want to share all their delightful foods to their pets. However, they need to remember what is directly for your dog and what isn't. Here is a rundown of 10 foods that are bad for your dogs' craving. 

1. Chocolate 

Chocolate contains Theobromine, which may not hurt people. However, it's a critical piece of chocolate for dogs. It is found in a wide range of chocolate, yet particularly in dark chocolate and baking chocolate. 

2. Bacon And Fatty Meat 

High-fat foods like meats can cause pancreatitis in dogs. Furthermore, since these meats are frequently high in salt substance, as well, they can cause upset stomachs in dogs. 

3. Salty Foods 

Salt can cause a condition called sodium particle harming, also extreme thirst or pee. Side effects of gorging salt may incorporate heaving, the runs, high internal heat level, and seizures

4. Garlic And Onions 

They can demolish a dog's red platelets, prompting weakness, whenever devoured in high amounts. This is a precarious one because a little portion probably won't make a lot of mischiefs. Be that as it may, an enormous piece or usual small dosages can prompt harming. 

5. Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream, And Other Dairy Products

Dogs come up short on the compound to separate milk sugar, and keeping in mind that a few dogs are more ready to deal with dairy than others, numerous dogs are lactose narrow-minded. Dairy can make dogs upchuck, have looseness of the bowels, or create gastrointestinal maladies. 

6. Raw Meat, Fish, And Eggs 

It isn't sheltered to race to the supermarket, purchase fresh meat, and hurl it into your dog's bowl, or to permit your dog to sneak ill-equipped hamburger off the counter or out of the trash. On the off chance that you want to change to a crude eating routine for your dog, you have to find out about the best possible readiness of the food with the goal that the danger of bacterial or parasitic contamination can be limited. 

7. Sweet, Gum, Peanut Butter, And Baked Goods 

The genuine guilty party with regards to these desserts is a fixing called xylitol. It causes an insulin flood through your dog's body that can prompt a drop in glucose and liver disappointment. Manifestations incorporate torpidity, heaving, loss of coordination, seizures, and, in the long run, passing. 

8. Grapes and Raisins 

Grapes and raisins are well known for causing renal problems in dogs. Your dogs' kidneys may begin to close down, making retching and laziness and eventually leading to death. It's ideal for keeping the grapes and raisins far from your dog.

9. Sugary Food 

Sugary food isn't useful for people, and it's not reasonable for dogs either. It can prompt comparable issues for dogs as it accomplishes for people. Stoutness, dental, medical problems, and diabetes would all be able to come about because of gorging foods that have high sugar content. 

10. Avocado 

Avocados contain persin in their leaves, seeds, bark, and organic product. Persin can be lethal in high portions. Dogs are, nonetheless, sensibly impervious to persin, and it would take a ton of avocados for the persin to cause hurt.